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The Aging Retreat

The Aging Retreat is devoted to the care of persons in the aging community who are experiencing Alzheimer’s disease and other aging-related ailments and/or disorders. We offer residents complete, individualized care in an inviting and comfortable setting. Our Retreat is a state of the art, eco-friendly establishment that is mindful of the impact of carbon emissions on the environment. Our company stands to be the first of its kind by relying solely on renewable clean energy produced on-site. By producing our own energy, it allows us the ability to reduce the cost of services for our aging individuals. Our Retreat creates an environment that promotes a familiar lifestyle by combining a secure home with a highly trained staff while allowing our aging residents to use the skills familiar to them to promote the most independent living as possible.

The Aging Retreat customizes each individual plan of care (POC) and service package that focuses on each person’s abilities and relationships to provide each individual a sense of security and to promote healthy self-esteem.

At The Aging Retreat

“We Live Our Best Life!”

We are not limited to the standard services that most senior facilities provide. In our quest to provide the highest level of care and promote the highest level of independence we utilize a number of ways to stimulate brain function to aging seniors. Some of these include but are not limited to music, pottery, gardening, painting, and animal interactions. We also schedule frequent entertainment and social events on-site to further stimulate and enhance each individual’s life.

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